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DNA Locksmith auto lockout service - DNA Locksmith - 24/7 Locksmith

Automotive Lockout

At DNA Locksmith, we offer automotive lockout services. If you have lost or misplaced your keys, we can get you back into your car, truck, van, RV, horse trailer or semi. We are not yetDNA Locksmith automotive lockout service
making car keys, but we plan to in the near future. When you call us for an automotive lockout, we will give you an estimated time of arrival. Generally, the time frame will be between 15 and 30 minutes. Regardless of the time frame we provide, we assure you that we will arrive rain or shine.

Your Safety

Safety is our number one priority. If you feel that where your car is parked may have a chance to cause you immediate danger, please get to a safe spot and let us know so we can meet you there. Walking around a busy parking lot or just standing in a dark parking lot could potentially be dangerous, so please be cautious. Try not to lose focus of your surroundings. It is easy to get tunnel vision and focus on the keys laying in the seat or ignition while someone seemingly comes out of nowhere.

DIY Gain Entry

While there are many do it yourself methods of gaining entry to your vehicle, please remember that many of these methods could possibly cause damage to your car. Evaluate your skill level and determine if you need to call a locksmith. The repairs that may arise to your car after a DIY attempt may outweigh the cost of having a locksmith unlock your car. Just remember to sit back, relax, and analyze what you feel will be the best solution for your situation and your car.

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