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Crime Statistics That Affect You in Lake County, FL

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Crime Statistics That Affect You in Lake County, FL

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crime statistics

Crime Statistics That Affect You in Lake County, FL


As you can see from the infographic that is filled with crime statistics provided by the FBI, the highest rates of burglary are in the South. This, of course, includes us in Lake County, FL.

While it is near impossible to stop a determined thief 100% of the time, there are steps that can be taken to limit the possible access they have to your home. Steps can be taken that can make it take long enough that the burglar loses interest or feels that it is taking too long to access your home.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Lady Lake, The Villages, Fruitland Park, or the surrounding areas, give DNA Locksmith a call and we will help evaluate your security and possible security needs.

Not all areas of Lake County, FL will be affected as much as other areas. For example, The Villages, FL will tend to have fewer burglaries since security is constantly roaming the area and the neighbors tend to look out for each other. This, of course, compared to Fruitland Park, FL, and Leesburg, FL, where the houses may not be located as close together or they may not have a community watch like The Villages.

Here are a few other alarming crime statistics that we should all be aware of.

Number of Burglaries In A Residence
Residence (dwelling) – 1,425,732
Residence Night – 394,852 = 27.7%
Residence Day – 755,178 = 53%
Residence Unknown – 275,702 = 19.3%
73.9% of burglaries are in residences

Number of Burglaries In A Nonresidence
Nonresidence (store, office, etc.) – 502,733
Nonresidence Night – 205,639 = 40.9%
Nonresidence Day – 183,031 = 36.4%
Nonresidence Unknown – 114,063 = 22.7%
(26.1% of burglaries are in non-residences)

Types of Entries
Forced entry 1,022,551 = 59.3%
Unlawful entry 592,856 = 34.3%
Attempted forcible entry 111,067 = 6.4%

Amount Stolen and Recovered
$14,741,818,452 in property was stolen
$2,832,231,843 in property was recovered
19.2% of all property was recovered

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