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What does a locksmith do?

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What does a locksmith do?

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When people think of a locksmith, their first thoughts are usually of a professional that gets them back into their home or car when they have locked themselves out or have otherwise misplaced their keys. While this is certainly one of the services most locksmiths will offer, it is only a small part of what locksmiths may offer regarding services. Locksmiths may also specialize in a variety of disciplines within the realm of locksmithing. Some of the disciplines are residential, commercial, and automotive. Some locksmiths prefer to accept a job at an institution such as a college or hospital; these professionals are considered institutional locksmiths. At DNA Locksmith, we are focused on residential and commercial locksmithing. Eventually, we will offer all services, but for now, we stay busy enough!

Locksmiths are often forgotten about when it comes to situations other than an emergency lockout. Locksmiths can re-key homes that a proud new homeowner has purchased. They may even replace the locks in that same home with a new color scheme that the owner would prefer. Locksmiths can correct a sagging door that is dragging or causing gaps for A/C to escape or bugs to come in. Locksmiths can add additional security to windows, doors, and sliding glass doors. Some locksmiths even stock child safety cabinet locks for installation in homes with little ones running around. Locksmiths can create or add to a master key system for businesses or replace automobile ignitions. As you can see, some services are dismissed or overlooked when it comes to the mere thought of a locksmith.

Disciplines explained

While locksmiths can practice in whatever area they wish, some will place focus in just one area. Some locksmiths will want to cover as many subjects as they can. There is no real limit to the number of services a locksmith can offer. However, in my opinion, a specialized locksmith in a single area is usually best prepared for the job he bids.


A residential locksmith focuses on a home’s security, its doors, windows, or any other item in a home that requires a lock. A residential locksmith will fix sagging doors and adjust hinges. He will also install deadbolts or re-key existing locks. A residential locksmith adds additional security to sliding glass doors. This helps keep toddlers from getting into a pool or other harmful situations. He can re-key all existing locks in the home to work off of one key rather than multiple keys, as long as they are the same keyway. Rekeying all locks to one key gets rid of the need to fumble with multiple keys. Some residential locksmiths will install alarm systems and even electronic deadbolts and home automation. Garage doors locks and high-security lock upgrades are also things a residential locksmith could have in their list of services.


A commercial locksmith does pretty much everything the residential locksmith would do, and more. The commercial locksmith will also handle exit devices and door closers including installation and repairs. Master key systems are much more prevalent and they can have multiple levels of access to manage. A commercial locksmith may offer business a restricted keyway. This makes a lock harder to make a key for without the locksmith who originally installed the lock. Many businesses are often concerned with security and audit trails. A commercial locksmith can install locks that keep an audit trail on those who enter and at what times.


An automotive locksmith will not only be able to open your doors when you have lost or misplaced your keys; he will be able to make a new key for your vehicle or swap your ignition and provide new keys. Automotive locksmiths can usually cut and program keys for your car. When the dealer claims they are the only place that can cut and program a key, the locksmith can usually do it, and at a better price.


Institutional locksmiths do any general locksmithing work, but normally for a single institution. These locksmiths will work a lot with interchangeable cores. Institutional locksmiths swap cores and re-key others for use in other areas of the facility. Institutional locksmiths aren’t always locksmiths by trade. They can be just about any other employee with a working knowledge of locks.


Locksmiths that work with safes are usually any locksmith who wishes to deal with safes. They have undergone training to repair and gain entry into safes. These locksmiths sell, install, and maintain safes in any environment whether residential, commercial, or any location that needs a safe.

Access Control

Locksmiths who work with access control, like locksmiths who work with safes, can find themselves working in commercial or residential as well. Anytime security is an issue, and comings and goings need to be monitored, or the general security needs to be tighter, a locksmith with access control experience is a must. He will be able to diagnose and install/maintain these systems as well.

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